The Rules (Must Read)

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The Rules (Must Read)

Post by Admin on Sun Jul 05, 2015 7:17 pm

1.) Everyone starts with 4 free characters, but you can buy more from the corner store with the gems you earn from posting. You can even win them in the staff hosted contests. Though every character needs to have its own account, that accounts profile picture being the character. Additionally, every role player is allowed one OC account, though they are not required to have one.

2.) This is a fantasy roleplay. There are going to be some unrealistic things about the characters. However we ask that you do not use hand drawn, cartoon or anime pictures of felines. All pictures should be real edited (if need be) pictures. If you need assistance there are people around the site who will be willing to do these edits for you if you ask. We also allow posting tables here, however please do not make them any wider than 500px, it stretches the screen and makes loading it on mobile devices difficult and makes the site look unappealing.

3.) The chat box should stay mostly out of character, I can see a little fun but please no roleplaying in the chat box. Also, please take any drama elsewhere, just because someone's character has a quarrel with yours does not mean that that characters role player has any problems with you. If I see any fighting or drama over such things, especially in the chat box, everyone involved will be warned. Multiple warnings could lead to account deletion.

4.) All roleplaying must be done in third person. This means unless your feline is talking or thinking the words "I, me, us, ect." Should not be used in your posts.
5.) God modding and power playing are not allowed here. Don't control or kill someone's character without their permission and most importantly don't have your character know things or have knowledge of things it hasn't learned in character. For example, if feline A has never met feline B, they wouldn't know each others names UNLESS they were told about each other by a different character in another/that thread.
6.) There isn't a word limit here, and there isn't really a strict sentence limit either. But please, please keep your posts to more than eight sentences. This isn't hard to do. If your having trouble try going into details, like textures, colors, smells, ect. Sometimes you hit a writing block, we get that. So if you occasionally can't hit eight sentces it's ok. But please trying and keep it to at least eight most gif the time. There should also be NO chat speak in roleplay posts, and try to keep it to a minimum in OC threads. In the chat box it is fine, but don't make it so bad that no one can understand what your trying to say.

7.) Dissabled felines, Felines who are completely blind, deaf, have missing limbs, ect. Are only allowed through purchase with gems in the corner store. Partially blind and deaf characters are accepted with staff permission.

8.) Liquid time is allowed here, but please keep it reasonable. Don't go putting your character in so many threads that you can't remember all of them. We ask that you keep your characters in less than six threads at a time, but if your certain you can handle more than that go ahead. We also ask that you do not post in a thread that was created weeks before you joined. A few days is fine, but anything over five days isn't ok. So if your character was accepted on the 25th, you can join into any thread that was started ON or AFTER the 20th of that same month.
9.) This site is for individuals 13 or older, however to respect those younger members please keep the gorey and suggestive activity to a minimum. Heavy flirting is ok, but if your characters are actually going to do that deed, please fade to black. Anyone caught roleplaying sexual activities will be banned. Likewise, if your thread is expected to be overly gorey or have some heavy flirting in it please mark it in the title of the thread with an [M], which marks it as mature.

10.) Make sure you wait until your character is accepted to post. Once your character is accepted you may go about roleplaying. If you intend on joining a tribe you may post in one of their lands, make sure you clearly state that you are on their border, if you don't it may result in its members getting aggressive with your character.
11.) Hunts are allowed of course, how else would your character survive? However if you are planning to do a hunt in your thread please head over to the hunt requesting thread located HERE BEFORE you start the hunt. You may start the thread and locate the prey, but please make sure to request a hunt before you actually start hunting the animal. An admin will randomly determine if your hunt is successful and if anyone is injured, using Anyone caught hunting anything larger than a squirrel without requesting a hunt success check will be warned, and the thread may be deleted. After multiple warnings over this accounts are subjected to deletion.

12.) If your going to be gone or inactive for any amount of time over a few days please make sure you go to the absence and inactivity thread located HERE to let us know, so people arent waiting for you wondering why your not posting and most importantly so the admins don't think your inactive and delete your account.

13.) There is no specific mating season here, and inter species mating IS allowed. However, if you are breeding please alert the admin in the breeding thread HERE so they can use to decide if the breeding was successful and who the kits take after. Sometimes the species may cross to create a new species, this new species (if male) is steril. Females of any hybrid species have a lower success rate of producing children. To prevent any/certain complications you can buy items at the corner store located HERE. You cannot breed or be mates with your own characters.

14.) Additional languages CAN be spoken, however every character only starts off with English, UNLESS you purchase a different language from the shop. If your using a different language make sure you identify it in the post (and on their profile) what language they are speaking and please TRANSLATE these sentences that are in other languages to English in the post your saying them in.

15.) High ranks are given by the Lord and Lady of the of the tribes. Anyone begging for high ranks will NOT get them. For rules on how to become a lord or lady please refer to the separate thread located HERE. For more information on ranks refer to this thread HERE. You may not hold more than 2 ord/lady positions at a time. You also cannot hold two of the same position in one tribe (ex: you can't have your characters be both lord and lady of the same tribe)

16.) if your character wished to leave a tribe for another one, to start their own or become a loner for any reason they can. However if another tribes lord or lady smell a different tribe on you they may question your loyalty and either grant you a lower rank or not allow you to join at all. Additionally please keep your loner to tribe cat ration fairly even. If you have one rouge try to make at least one tribe cat. If you want an uneven number of characters please refer to the tribe and loner standings thread HERE before deciding. We would like to keep the general numbers fairly even.

17.) Cussing is allowed to an extent. Some minor cuss words here and there can be used. Just please no more than one or two a thread. These words should NEVER be used to insult a person OC. And F-Bombs and other vulgar words of the sort should NEVER be used. If such words are used in the Chat box please use an asterisk (*) to sensor a letter or two. Remember we have younger individuals on this site.

18.) Yes this is a fantasy site, so your characters can have some unrealist colorings. Eyes are completely free range. Any colors, or combinations of colors are allowed. However fur is a bit less variable. Any color that occurs naturally in a species is ok. However any defined shapes like hearts, starts, swirls, ect. Are not allowed without having the 'unusual fur pattern' trait. As for unrealistic colors, creatures can have highlights or accents of unrealistic colors, however these SHOULD NOT be the characters base color.

Most importantly, we want everyone to have fun and feel safe here. If you see anyone breaking these rules or doing something questionable do not hesitate to report it to an admin. They will handle it. Please do not try to handle it on your own. We do not care for drama here.


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