Rules on Becoming a Lord/Lady

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Rules on Becoming a Lord/Lady

Post by Admin on Sun Jul 05, 2015 7:39 pm

In order for your character to become a lord/lady they must meet a few requirements.

1.) That character must have at least 30 posts
2.) That character must have at least 3 characters willing to join their tribe
3.) That character must be at least 3 years old

After your character meets these requirements you can follow these rules in order to claim a land for your tribe.

1.) First pick a land, one that is unclaimed (for claimed land refer to the secondary method below)
2.) Then make a post in that land with your character roaring, and calling to those who will join them. This thread is for those characters that said they would follow this character and any characters who wish to join this tribe. The leader has to give these creatures ranks, UNLESS he or she refuses them entry for one reason or another. However a tribe must have no less than 4 members at any time. If a tribe does have less than 4 members it will be disbanded and become a group of rouge until it can reclaim land. Any land that belonged to a disbanded tribe is free for the taking.
3.) After this thread is completed go report it (HERE) so the admin can make note of your clan.
4.) Once your tribe reaches at least 10 members you may request another land in the same faishion, and so on and so forth in intervals of 10.
5.) If your tribe drops below more than 6 of the required number of members they must give up a land. An example being if a tribe has 3 lands (requiring 30 members) and their member total drops below 24 then they must give up a land until they reach 30 members and can claim a 3rd land again.
6.) Once a tribe is created the leader can't be challenged for 1 OC week.
7.) The lord/lady decides the name, Rukes and customs of the new tribe. The name can only be changed this one time, this applied for tribes won in challenges.

A secondary method to becoming a lord or lady is to challenge a leader of a tribe after their 1 week grace period. To do that read the rules below

1.) The character must meet all the requirements for becoming a lord/lady
2.) The character who wishes to take over the tribe must go to one of the tribes lands and call for the leader.
3.) If the/a lord/lady doesn't respond within 1OC week (unless they are on the absent/inactivity list) then the challenger wins by default.
4.) The leader and challenged will fight one on one, though others may decide to join and spectate, they may choose to fight to the death(if both parties agree) or until on gives up
5.) If the challenger wins he/she becomes the new lord or lady over the tribe
6.) Members of the tribe can choose to stay or go, and the new lord or lady can also decide new ranks of they deem it necessary
7.) If the old lord/lady wishes to stay in the tribe the new lord/lady has the final decision on whether or not her/she can
8.) Rukes and customs of the tribe can be changed by the new lord/lady now as can its name
9.) For more information of fighting refer to its separate thread located HERE


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