How Fighting Works

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How Fighting Works

Post by Admin on Sun Jul 05, 2015 10:45 pm

As stated in the rules power playing is NOT accepted here. So there is a specific way we do battle here. In battle a character can use their powers and growths to their advantage. Fights can be to the death, until someone gives up or just for practice. They can be over territory, tribes, females, kills and many other things, however they cannot exceed 20 posts, 10 from each participant. There is a specific form that goes on the bottom of your post Which is shown below.


[b]Attack:[/b] (Describe your Characters Attack here)
[b]Advantages:[/b] (Powers, Growths, Weight, Size, Etc.)
[b]Defense:[/b] (Describe your Character Defenses here)
[b]Disadvantages:[/b] (Size, Weight, disabilities, Etc.)
[b]Injuries:[/b] (What injures does your character have)
[b]Post Number:[/b] (Since the fight started what number post is this?)

How the code works is you make your post and then add it onto the end filled out. The attack should be a bit descriptive but hopefully you've described it well enough in the post itself that you don't have to write more than a sentence or two.
Advantages are you characters Advantages against the other character. Like if they are bigger, or if they weight more or if they have a growth such a antlers.
Defense is the defense measures your character is taking, like if then are staying low to the ground or if they are staying at a distance
Disadvantages are liked your character is bigger and slower, or smaller or has no powers or growths.
Injuries are the injuries your character has sustained during the fight or was suffering from before, this is the ONLY field that doesn't need to have something in it at all times. Though your character must take some sort of damage during a fight
Post number, this is the number of posts within the fight itself. An easy way to think of it is this is how many times you've used the fighting code in the thread.

The fighting process itself is a bit different, you can't auto hit. In order to fight properly you have to learn to do it a certain way. Read below for a list of rights and wrongs.

Normal Attacks
Wrong: Sally circled Bob, lunging onto him and biting his shoulder.
Right: Sally circled Bob searching for a weak spot. Lunging at him she attempted to bite his shoulder, her claws outstretched so she could attempt to latch onto him.

Growth Attacks
Wrong:Bob turned around and ran at Sally, stabbing her in the side with his antlers.
Right:Bob turned around and ran towards Sally, attempting to stab into her side with his antlers.

Magic Attacks
Wrong:Sally instantly conjured up a fire ball, thrusting it at Bob and hitting him. Giving him third degree burns.
Right:Sally took a couple seconds to conjure up a fireball, and thrusted it in Bobs direction, attempting to hit and burn him.

Regular Dodges
Wrong:As Sally tried to bite his shoulder Bob jumped out of the way flawlessly avoiding the attack.
Right:As Sally lunged at him Bob jumped forward, her outstretched claws scraping his flank but her teeth missing their mark.

Growth Dodges
Wrong:Sally saw Bob running at her and stepped gracefully out of the way. Avoiding any and all injuries.
Right:Sally saw Bob running at her, attempting to gore her with his antlers. Thinking quickly she waiting until he got close and then crouching down. The force of his chest colliding with her shoulder tumbled her, causing some small cuts and bruises as she was rolled away and pushed herself back to her paws.

Magic Dodges
Wrong:As Sally's fireball flew at him he jumped  up and over it, tucking his legs in and go no burns.
Right:As Sally's fireball flew towards him he tensed his muscles and propelled himself upwards and over it, his tail falling down into the fire, the last few inches of it sustaining painful burns.

So those were some rights and wrongs. Do you need to do it like that? No. But the basic point of that was to show you that you can't auto hit, you must always use the words "Attempted, Tried, etc." Unless given permission by the characters owner before hand. If that's the case make sure you mark it in your post so a staff member will know and not reprimand you for something that both role players agreed on.


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